Events are important for so many reasons! First, there are events that feature your company, its products/services and your employees. Hosting an event of this nature will improve brand recognition, increase lead flow, thus resulting in an increase in sales. Not to mention, your staff will have a chance to get out of the office and be recognized as an ambassador for your company! It's a win-win for everyone if you really think about it.


Then, there's the good old-fashioned team building event! When was the last time you put together an afternoon dedicated to your staff showing them just how much you appreciate them and all the hard work they do to make your company successful? It could be a chance for them to learn more about their colleagues as well as themselves! From an afternoon enjoying some mingling and munchies to a full blown day of games challenging their mind and spirit, these activities are a way to show your commitment to their career and overall success.

Don't take your clients and vendors for granted! Be the company others talk about. Be the organization that has a solid reputation for caring about their brand and the relationships you've built. Your brand is important to the market, your staff and the people that you do business with. We all know referrals are a fabulous source of business, so let's give people a reason to refer us. Show them you value the business relationship you've built and your company is different. A good "different" that is!

Here's a few of our Event specialties:

  • Event planning, design and production

  • Budget development and maintenance

  • Research market, identify event opportunities and generate interest 

  • Managing all project delivery elements within time limits

  • Work with Marketing/PR(if applicable) to promote & publicize the event

  • Conduct market research, gather information and negotiate contracts 

  • Organize any/all raffle prizes and/or lead generation strategy

  • Attendance strategy/management/tracking/reporting

  • Provide feedback and periodic reports to stakeholders

  • Propose ideas to improve provided services and event quality

  • Organize facilities and manage all event’s details such as decor, catering, entertainment, transportation, location, invitee list, special guests, equipment, promotional material etc.

  • Ensure compliance with insurance, legal, health and safety obligations

  • Specify staff requirements and coordinate their activities

  • Partner with client to obtain volunteers and event day team

  • Proactively handle any arising issues and troubleshoot any emerging problems on the event day

  • Be a working partner on event day to ensure event runs smoothly 

  • Conduct pre- and post – event evaluations and report on outcomes

  • Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask... (I'm sure we've done it!)

Who just put on the most epic event? 

You did. (Of course, after you hired us!)

A few videos: