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The business landscape is rapidly evolving and budgets for small to medium businesses are tighter than ever. It was the perfect opportunity to develop KNS Business Solutions to allow our expertise and experience to work with you at a fraction of the price in a fraction of the time! 


Over the last 21 years, Suzie has had an extensive career in leading sales & marketing professionals at a variety of organizations in the Hampton Roads, VA, area.  From start-ups to corporations, she's achieved a multitude of accolades exceeding expectations time after time. A natural born leader, she takes great pride in connecting with people and bringing out their best potential leading to growth and fulfillment for everyone involved.

A retired from the United States Navy Chief, Kirk also offers a magnitude of leadership experience. He is exceptionally talented in the areas of: analytics, streamlining processes, strategy, accountability and event management. 

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Suzie Harris

President & CEO


Award winning, experienced leader passionate about helping others achieve their goals in life and in their career. She's business minded but full of humor too! She understands the importance of relationships and has an innate ability to get teams/people reaching their best in no time. She loves to make people laugh and works from the heart volunteering her time to multiple non-profits in Hampton Roads. Inspiring others is something she strives to achieve on a daily basis.

Kirk Harris

Vice President 


A world traveled retired Unites States Navy Chief, Kirk is an experienced leader whose made a positive impact on hundreds of people throughout his career. He aspires to continue to help grow professionals and companies in the years to come. He has a keen eye for streamlining processes and is exceptional with numbers and spreadsheets. Humbled, he continues to receive calls and solicited for advice from his sailors and friends long after he was their leader. That speaks volumes about someone, don't you think? He enjoys working on events with his wife (see above), and traveling when he gets the chance. Not to mention, an ice cold draft on occasion paired with a juicy burger are in his "Top 5 Favorite Things to Do!"

Sierra Schafer

Administrative Assistant & Event Coordinator


Hard working, charismatic, and an experienced event coordinator! Sierra is a stickler for staying on time and on track before/during/after her events. She's been volunteering since she was in grade school and has been an integral part of numerous festivals in Hampton Roads, VA. She loves the beach and spending time with friends and family. She's also a talented singer and makeup artist.


Don't let her smile fool you... she's all business when it comes to her events! 

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